The Southgate Green Association is an organisation dedicated to preserving and enhancing the Southgate Green Conservation Area. Southgate Green, located on the southwest boundary of the London Borough of Enfield, was designated a Conservation Area in 1968. It covers approximately 31 hectares, with over 30 listed buildings and structures. The Conservation Area radiates from Southgate Green northwards along the High Street, westwards down Waterfall Road and southwards along Cannon Hill until the junction with Alderman’s Hill. The buildings and spaces along these roads form a village envelope which has a special character and appearance described in the Conservation area character appraisal.

The Association was formed in 2000 and its activities promote the preservation of the historical and special features of this local environment which gave rise to its designation as one of the Borough’s oldest, albeit smallest, Conservation Areas. The committee works closely with LBE and other preservation, heritage, amenity and residents’ organisations to ensure that proposed changes preserve and enhance this area. It also undertakes restoration projects of structures, commonly referred to as ‘public sculpture’, which are of historical and social importance such as The Stocks, traditional traffic signs, and boundary markers. Preserving such structures for public benefit, some of which are in a poor state, is a high priority for the Association.

The focal point of the Conservation Area is The Green itself, a public open space with trees, footpaths and historical structures. The buildings surrounding the Green present visually the best of Georgian, Edwardian and Interwar architecture and this pleasant environment is one that the Association works towards preserving for future generations. The Association has undertaken tree planting, bulb planting and monitoring of various highways improvement to ensure that works are sympathetic to this locale. It has also undertaken research to support the listing of buildings which contribute to the character of Southgate Green.

SGA is a member of the Conservation Advisory Group, a body which advises the Assistant Director of Planning and Transportation on matters which affect Conservation Areas, and this includes monitoring and evaluating of planning applications. We also comment on environmental initiatives which impact on the character of our area, such as the resurfacing of footways and street lighting.

SGA is committed to increasing public awareness of the special character of Southgate Green. We hope you will find this website useful and informative. The historical information provided has been researched by members who have cited local sources, not typically found in other sources.